Another reason to encourage local food initiatives and farmer’s markets

Yet another food-borne illness has “broken out,” causing illness and death among those who ate cantaloupe from a particular farm in Colorado.  Like other such scares, they occur without warning, and, often, without obvious explanation.  Lengthy investigations are needed to identify the source of the contamination, and why it occurred, in order to prevent another outbreak.  There are new rules for handling fresh fruits and vegetables before we dare eat them, and more and more Americans are now bypassing completely former favorites like strawberries, melons, and even green salads.  This AP article does a good job in explaining one of the big reasons why.

Long road from farm to fork worsens food outbreaks

Your road to dinner doesn’t have to be that long.  The second annual “Farm to Table Moveable Feast” will be held  Sunday, October 9th at the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station in Fairhope. The menu provided by Mike Wallace, executive chef for the Marriott Grand Hotel in Point Clear. Tickets are $95 per person, and seating is limited. For information contact the Windmill Market in Fairhope at 251-990-8883.


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